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Another shop that we spoke to after speaking at a local traders association meeting.



We had never been in the shop before and it’s rather beautiful with lots of original features. I’d implore anyone living in Sydenham to pop in and have a look, it’s an absolute local treasure.

The outside doesn’t really do it justice. The shop front is nice with a traditional awning. It’s actually two shops in one.

Making the shop front calmer and making it feel like it’s been around a long time while acting as a frame for the window displays also makes the shop name stand out. For the trophy signage this would look great if gilt and engraved. The awning is a great opportunity to show that there are two shops in one, which is why it has the large ampersand.

So from purple to sophisticated shop with original features. What if…

UPDATE: you can read more feedback on the SYDENHAM TOWN FORUM.


Lots of people hated the gramatical error in the name of this pub. We found it rather charming. Which isn’t what can be said about the pub or the building which wasn’t the nicest place to be. Which may be one reason why it’s now closed.

But thats’ still no excuse to leave it in a state. It’s not making the building any more attractive.
It currently looks like this:

But What If:

Here is a close up.

If we get to do it we will work on it a little more and make it look like everyone is enjoying a drink.

This is a simple ‘street art project’, the wooden windows would be stencilled with the famous faces as if they are enjoying a drink in the bar.

More to come…


We popped into ‘House of Linens’ a little while ago to get a few bits and pieces (we are going eco and are now fixing old clothes and buying ‘vintage’) and met the very friendly owner. He was talking about Billings so we told them about the What if Sydenham Project.

He looked all excited and rushed us outside to look at this sign which he wants to redo. We have been really busy and the few times we have had chance to pop by we haven’t seen him in the store. So before we show them what we have come up with I thought it best to get some feedback on this.

So here goes:

What if:


More sophistcated colours, the ‘stitched’ logo is on a raised enamel panel (about £400) on a wooden background with Vinyl applied lettering in gloss to make them look as if they are hand painted. The security grill and door etc have been painted to match the sign.

We aren’t sure when the business started trading in Sydenham but it’s been here a long time and the owners wanted to communicate this, hence the ‘trading since ’92’.


Or we could add an awning and raise the sign above. The awning costs about £1300.


The sign is based on a fabric swatch with the turned corner in a shocking pink to catch the eye. Again the design is retro with a twist and uses more sophisticated colours.

So which one feels the most like a small, family run, haberdashery that has been trading locally for many many years?

If you comment please say if you use House of Linens.

For more feedback visit the Sydenham Forum or VIrtual Norwood.


This was in the South London Press in July 2010.

It’s the second time we have been featured in the newspaper. Good publicity for Amo, the owner, and us.

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