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Image of the amazing Electric Cinema in Portabello Road

The Film Mill have posted on the Sydenham Forum about bringing a community based Cinema to Sydenham.

What a brilliant idea. See more here.

They have a survey, please have a look.

What do you think? And where would it be?

What did you say on the survey?



High streets are important, both for community and for place. They help define an area as being more than a collection of homes, but over time many they have lost their way, and yet shopping malls wouldn’t be around today if it wasn’t for the high street.

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Greyhound Mural Designed By Good People

Greyhound Mural Designed By Good People

It’s taken an age to process all the images, crop them and make them work with the image which we had to amend as many colours simply didn’t work with the image (which wis why the Greyhound now proudly stands in a wildflower infused meadow in inject some much needed colour into the work. We have a lot of B&W images which we had to tweak colourwise to tones of sepia etc so they worked with the image. The image was also tweaked to work better from an angle than straight on as the space in which is will be viewed will be seen more at an angle than flat on. We are getting closer.

This is the close up:

There is still a lot of work to go to eliminate as many repeats as we can. This job is costing us a fortune in time and money!

Have a good weekend.


Saturday saw the launch of the pop up shops in Sydenham, Kirkdale and Forest Hill.

We have been helping with the design of the signage, all of which was done on a shoestring budget. The letters came to £145 fixed onto a marine ply backboard and then painted black. As will all shops, it has the number (it drives us mad when shops don’t do this!).

This is the ‘Jill’ hub (originally there were to be 3 ‘hubs’, we suggested they be called Tom, Dick & Harry, but when three became two they changed to Jack & Jill… with Jack further up the hill in Forest Hill).

This is the before:

This is the design visual:

This is the installed sign:
JILL AFTER (finished)
(there is still a bit of painting to do!)

There is a lot going on in Forest Hill and Sydenham at the moment. Check out for more details.

The Jill sign was installed by Rushworth Carpentry


This is the winning artwork that will appear on the rear wall of the Greyhound Pub.  It is an image of a Greyhound made up of images of Sydenham. TO MAKE IT WORK WE NEED YOUR IMAGES.

  • They can be anything to do with Sydenham. Old photos, family photo’s, landscapes, artworks, doodles, images of parks, places, people…anything Sydenham related
  • There is no limit to the amount of images you can send in
  • They need to be supplied digitally as high a resolution as possible. They’ll be cropped square (around 10cm x 10 cm)

You’ll need to submit the images by the 8th of October 2012 to:

You’ll need to fill in this disclaimer online, please don’t forget  to do this before  submitting your images:


The Greyhound Pub in Sydenham has been empty for a few years and is now being developed. A competition has been run to add some public art to the rear wall of the pub. There were 60 entries in total. Our entry
is this:

Please note, this isn’t the final design, it’s still a work in progress.

We found out on Monday evening that we won. We are very excited by this and will keep you all updated as to the progress.


Each tile is one pixel. Each pixel is one image supplied by the people of Sydenham. They will be images of people, historical figures, illustrations, art, places, family photo’s, events photos, etc.

All the images together will make up the image of the greyhound seen below, which is based on historical images of the sign for The Greyhound pub.

When you get close you get to see the detail and the individual pixels, from a distance (3-5 m, the width of the passageway should give you a good view of the whole image) you see the greyhound.

The idea is to give people a sense of ownership and pride in Sydenham, to celebrate the present, past and future. Everyone who participates will have their name in a plaque shown on the right that also shows the history of
The Greyhound.

The windows can be covered with the same see through window film they use on London Buses to continue the tiles across the glass.

We have also designed a hanging pub sign for the back of the pub.

This image is a visual and doesn’t not contain the final images. These are yet to be collected.

Many thanks to our Intern, Sandra for all her hard work on this.

We will be collecting images for the wall about Sydenham. They can be of local art, family photo’s, history, famous people, old pictures, places around sydenham and events etc. We will include the other entries into the competition into the design so they will all be on the wall.

Each image will have to be square, 10cm x 10cm at 350dpi.

More details about how and where to send your images to follow shortly.

There is some feedback to the competition on the Sydenham Forum, which, despite the initial review has been incredibly positive.

Designed By Good People


This use to be a carpet shop.

Then, a number of years ago, it opened as the Pukka Bar, an upmarket indian restaurant. It had a refit that cost £250,000 but really opened in Sydenham about a year early before the gastro pub and cafes opened. It lasted 6 months (the place inside is vast). The interior refit is of a very high quality and remains. The pub that took over from the Pukka bar doesn’t.

We hope the interior will remain, but if the pub is going to be renovated or left, why leave it like this:

What if:

A simple printed hoarding. The door would be indicated by the dotted line.

Obviously this is a transferable design. Whoever is taking over the property can announce it on the stamp on the front of the box.

Have a look at the other What If’s on empty shops here: