Another shop that we spoke to after speaking at a local traders association meeting.



We had never been in the shop before and it’s rather beautiful with lots of original features. I’d implore anyone living in Sydenham to pop in and have a look, it’s an absolute local treasure.

The outside doesn’t really do it justice. The shop front is nice with a traditional awning. It’s actually two shops in one.

Making the shop front calmer and making it feel like it’s been around a long time while acting as a frame for the window displays also makes the shop name stand out. For the trophy signage this would look great if gilt and engraved. The awning is a great opportunity to show that there are two shops in one, which is why it has the large ampersand.

So from purple to sophisticated shop with original features. What if…

UPDATE: you can read more feedback on the SYDENHAM TOWN FORUM.

1 Response to “WHAT IF 22: CLASSIC TROPHIES”

  1. 1 Tony wheeler June 26, 2015 at 3:19 am

    This company let me down on all my trophies for my presentation dinner the day prior !! With no awards and no time to replace …. Please avoid !!!!!

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