Fresh and Fruity are linked to Billings (What if No 13) as they are Amo’s parents. Infact without their help, and the help of Annabel and Tim from the Sydenham society Billings may never have happened.

Since then we have been incredibly busy and the What If Project has taken a back seat, despite lots of local businesses asking for their makeovers. Unfortunately we have to pay the bills as we fit these in when we can!

We have been promising this for a while, so I though I’d post it here, get some feedback before presenting onto them. It’s been a while in the making!

This is what the shop looks like now:


But What If?…


Fresh & Fruity. Designed by Good People

The word ‘Fresh’ is made out of fake grass stick onto raised wooden letters (we looked into making it out of real grass which has been freeze dried or self irrigated, which is possible but it’s £1000!).

We aren’t fans of roller shutters, although in this case it makes complete sense to have one. But why not make it an asset?:


Fresh & Fruity. Designed by Good People.


We love old fashioned fruit stickers. They look great. Why not take the personality of these and make them work for a shop front?

Fresh & Fruity, Designed by Good People


We gave this a different treatment for the roller shutters to make it look like the shop is open with an old bicycle parked outside.

So what do you think?

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4 Responses to “WHAT IF no14: FRESH & FRUITY”

  1. 1 emmatarling March 23, 2011 at 10:14 pm

    Hi Lee,
    Are you just concentrating on the facade or producing concepts for the interior, too? I remember talk about extending back into the office or installing 3-tier shelving (instead of 2 levels at the moment). The old fashioned hand-painted signs on the walls/ceiling are also a lovely feature, it would be great if you could bring those outside, too like the fruit labels idea (2a).
    Kind Regards

  2. 2 leenewham March 23, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    Hi Emma,

    thanks for commenting again.

    At the moment wer’e only looking t the outside, as with all the What If’s. Much as I’d love to makeover the whole shop (or shops) in the High Street, that is a lot more work and more than I’m willing to give for free!

    Most shops seem to make a complete mess of their shop fronts these days due to poor design from signage companies that really don’t know what they are doing.

    Hopefully this raises the debate further at a time when guidelines are being written by the council specifically about shopfront design for Sydenham to encourage better design.



  3. 3 Katherine April 4, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    I love the sign in option 1 – it really does have a fresh feel to it. I like the tomato and apple at the sides too. My only bugbear is the typeface used for ‘Fruity’ as I don’t think I’d read it as that if I didn’t already know the name of the shop. (Sorry, I’m a bit of a legibility fanatic when it comes to typefaces.)

    The typeface in option 2 reminds me of a fish and chip shop (not sure why!).

    I love the imagery printed on the shutters. My only concerns are that they would easily be spoilt by graffiti tagging, and are they the ‘right’ type of shutters as per Lewisham’s shop front guidelines, which I think encourage open-grille instead of solid shutters.

    And well done for including the building number on the shop signs.

    • 4 leenewham April 4, 2011 at 11:07 pm

      Hi Katherine,
      thanks for your feedback. I think once you see the second sign in context when the shops open and you see the fruit you wont be thinking of a chip shop. Or perhaps we will use that one for a chip shop in another What If!

      With the shutters, this is a common comment. Any security shutter will breed graffiti which is why we don’t like them and would persuade any business owner to think again before in stalling them. they are expensive and make no difference to insurance premiums. In this case the shop doesn’t have a shop front and the shutters are the existing ones so the shutter has to be there. But you are right, the open type are the only ones allowed by Lewisham planning, however they don’t seem to enforce their guidelines nor publicise them! You will find that the shutters that get the most graffiti are the ones that look tatty and uncared for. There are many cases where roller shutters are decorated in some way and they seem to stay graffiti free.

      The typeface for the route you prefer will be very legible once on the shop front, I promise!

      Keep commenting.


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